Ghanaian Women’s Association of Georgia

Members of GWAG are part of a diverse group of female entrepreneurs and professionals working together to address socio-economic needs within the communities we hail from. We use our occupations, talents, and skills as an opportunity to serve society and make a positive impact. Our key objectives can be defined within the following categories:

  • Entrepreneurship – The role that female entrepreneurs play in economic growth cannot be under-estimated. It is generally believed that increasing the number of entrepreneurs, and creating conditions for them to succeed, has the potential to improve economic opportunities for entire communities. GWAG members share the belief that when a woman is economically empowered, she invests her resources in the community. This is why we invest in training both aspiring and established entrepreneurs to equip them with tools to succeed. Our regular monthly meetings is an excellent platform for networking with a diverse group of female entrepreneurs and professionals. When you join, you automatically become a member of a ready-made professional network with unlimited potential for expanding your contacts.
  • Philanthropy – With a focus on education and healthcare for women and children, we believe in giving back in a way that has the greatest positive impact on the communities we serve. We assist government-run hospitals and schools in Ghana by donating vital supplies to help improve their service. Other aspects of our community outreach is through volunteering with organizations such as Medshare and the Atlanta Community Food Bank.
  • Cultural – Our culture defines us as a people and so we believe in promoting our diverse culture among our youth in the diaspora through carefully designed enrichment programs in language, crafts, fashion, poetry, and Ghanaian literature.
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