The Ghana Council

Mission: The Ghana Council of Georgia exists to foster cooperation and positive relationships among the religious, ethnic and other Ghanaian associations in the state of Georgia; provide a governance structure for participating associations; provide a forum for the regular exchange of information and ideas, and to serve as an information resource to the community about Ghana and its culture.

Purpose: Atlanta boasts of a diverse and vibrant Ghanaian community. With this diversity come various tribal, professional, and religious associations. The Ghana Council of Georgia was established in 2009 to serve as the gateway through which citizens and interested parties can be directed to establish links within the various associations in the Ghanaian community in Georgia. Although non-political, the Ghana Council seeks to represent our diversity with one national voice. To achieve this goal, it is important that we operate with a statewide focus in order to make a local impact.

We seek to achieve our purposes by:

  • Enlisting, organizing and bringing all the various associations together under one umbrella
  • Organizing events or activities that celebrate the cultural and social diversity in our membership and the community
  • Representing the community in the celebration of national Ghanaian holidays (Independence Day, Republic Day)
  • Conducting activities that maintain and develop relationships favorable to developing our community
  • Collaborating with member associations to promote Ghana’s diverse culture in the state of Georgia
  • Serving as a resource center for residents as well as Ghanaians moving to Georgia
  • Assisting member associations with their fund raising efforts by directing them to sources of grants and other donations
  • Developing fundraising mechanisms to support, promote and maintain the organization
  • Setting up agencies to promote social services to Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians as necessary